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There are 32 weapons in Heli Attack 3. The game starts with 14 weapons unlocked. A weapon is unlocked every time you complete a new level, however some weapons can not be unlocked by completing levels; they have to be found in-game.


Below is a list of the weapons along with their stats.

Weapon Clip size Damage Reload Time (sec.) Points per hit Range Recoil Data Image
Knife Infinite 50 0.46875 5000 Very Short None A simple melee weapon and the last line of defense, it does high damage for it's reload time, however you must be extremely close to the enemy for it to do damage Heli Attack 3 Shape (1719)
Bow &
Infinite 30 0.46875 3000 Average None A primitive weapon, it does good damage, but it is hard to aim Heli Attack 3 Shape (1761)
Grenade 25 50 0.46875 5000 Short None The basic explosive weapon, does high damage, but is hard to aim. After the intial damage, the explosion itself will also damage an enemy Heli Attack Shape (1721)
Pistol Infinite 10 0.46875 1000 No limit None The work-horse for weapons. Good damage, fast to reload and easy to aim. The pistol is usually the most used weapon in a soldiers arsenal Heli Attack 3 Shape (1723)
150 10 0.46875 1000 No limit No Fast firing, good damage and fast reload. A great all purpose weapon Heli Attack 3 Shape (1725)
75 8 0.46875 8000 No limit Medium For the action movie fan, fast firing, two bullets per shot Heli Attack 3 Shape (1739)
ChainGun 100 10 0.46875 1000 No limit Large Fires bullets faster than any gun, has high recoil so aim carefully Heli Attack 3 Shape (1727)
Shotgun 20 15 0.78125 15000 No limit None Shoots 4 bullets at once, aim carefully, they spread Heli Attack 3 Shape (1729)
15 10 0.46875 10000 No limit None The super shotgun! Shoots 8 bullets at once with heavy spread Heli Attack 3 Shape (1731)
SniperRifle 12 75 0.625 7000 No limit Small Super accurate weapon with laser sight, almost impossible to miss with Heli Attack 3 Shape (1763)
15 75 0.9375 7000 + explosion damage Very Long Small Dires grenades at moderate speeds with an arc, aim carefully. Great for taking out ground troops Heli Attack 3 Shape (1741)
RPG 15 85 0.78125 7000 + explosion damage No limit Small Rocket Propelled Grenades, for when you need a grenade to get there on time. The grenades leaves the gun at a very low speed, but accelerates to incredible speed Heli Attack 3 Shape (1743)
11 100 1.25 ? No limit Small The standard launcher, shoots slow straight firing rockets Heli Attack 3 Shape (1733)
7 100 1.5625 ? No limit Small Shoots rockets which automatically seek the closest enemy, almost guaranteed to hit Heli Attack 3 Shape SeekerLauncher
6 50 1.875 ? No limit Small Fires 3 drunken rockets that fly around in random patterns, very hard to aim but delivers devastating damage Heli Attack 3 shape DrunkenLauncher
9 100 1.5625 ? No limit Small Guided rockets are special, fire them and they follow where you aim, keep your aim on an ememy, and it will aim to it Heli Attack 3 shape GuidedLauncher
FlakCannon 8 10 1.5625 ? Average Small Shoots 20 separate peices of flak at random speeds and trajectories. Easy to aim with, get up close to do maximum damage Heli Attack 3 shape FlakCannon
7 25 1.25 ? No limit Small Fires three small rockets, a devastating weapon Heli Attack 3 shape ShotgunRockets
150 2 0.065 ? Long None For when you want to make a toast from your enemies. Does its damage over its entire life, but does less damage the bigger the flame Heli Attack 3 Shape FlameThrower
SparkPlug 30 30 0.46875 ? No limit Small Shoots two sparks which do equal damage Heli Attack 3 SparkPlug
GooGun 25 50 0.3125 ? Average None Goo is a strange substance, it will stick to the ground and do damage to anything that walks over it Heli Attack 3 GooGun
Bladerang 7 20 1.5625 ? Long Medium An extremely tricky gun to use, the projectile fires out forwards but soon returns like a boomerang. Aim it carefully, and you can hit an enemy twice! Heli Attack 3 shape Bladerang
LaserRifle 25 30 0.5 ? No limit None The laser is one of the fastest moving projectiles, and it will pass through multiple enemies. It can do its damage multiple times to the same enemy Heli Attack 3 shape LaserRifle
25 20 0.25 ? No limit None Shoots lasers faster than the standard rifle, but is very inaccurate Heli Attack 3 shape AutoLaserRifle
12 20 0.9375 ? No limit Medium Fires 3 lasers at once, in a large spread pattern Heli Attack 3 shape ShotgunLasers
RailGun 6 200 2.34375 ? No limit Medium Instant rail delivery. Fires depleted uranium slugs at near light-speed. If you aim it correct it is guaranteed to hit, even through walls Heli Attack 3 shape railgun
Anytime 5 130 4.6875 ? No limit Large It has been done, an upgraded RailGun! Anytime fires similar slugs to the RailGun, but they detonate when they come in contact with an enemy and do more damage. This added explosive power slows the shots down enoughto be seen in slowed time Heli Attack 3 Shape Anytime
AirStrike 4 0 1.25 ? No limit None While this device does not damage by itself, it calls down an AirStrike which bombards the field with rockets which do high damage each Heli Attack 3 Shape AirStrike
Taser 2 5 6.25 ? No limit None A large socket is fired at high speeds. when it comes in contact with an enemy, the Taser fires electricity over time that shocks the enemy. If the taser is attached to an enemy, it is guaranteed to kill them Heli Attack 3 Shape taser
SoundWave 30 10 0.3125 ? No limit None Fires large waves of sound which do constant damge to enemies, and also shoots through walls Heli Attack 3 Shape (1781)
3 500 9.375 ? No limit Medium U235 harnessed in the worst possible way. Fires extremely slow moving projectiles, that do incredible amounts of damage. The explosion fallout does equally high damage also Heli Attack 3 Shape (1745)
1 0 18.75 ? Launching area Large The ultimate weapon. Nothing commands as much fear as this weapon. It fires a micro sized black-hole which will suck up all enemies and rounds that come in contact with it Heli Attack 3 Shape (1757)


Projectile Used in weapons


Unlock Code
All weapons up up down down left right left right b a select start
Bow & Arrow John Rambo
ChainGun Old Faithful
Sniper rifle Its a Jackal
Double shotgun This is my boomstick
Flak Cannon Shrapnel
Guided Launcher Follow the leader
Drunken Launcher Moonshine
Goo gun Gloop
Spark Plug 9 Volt
Bladerang Australians all let us rejoice
Laser rifle Alpha
Auto laser rifle Beta
Laser shotgun Gamma
Anytime I dont have time to bleed
Airstrike Call in artillery
A-Bomb Launcher Missile launch detected
SoundWave Bass in your face
Black Hole Generator Wash away the rain


  • The ChainGun and the FlakCannon can also be unlocked it the tutorial, in which they are hidden.
  • 25 rounds for the MachineGun can also be unlocked by killing any enemy while performing a Hyperjump.
  • Whenever shooting into the black hole, formed by the BlackHoleGenerator, the bullet would get suck into the black hole, as long as it exists. It could suck in 3 helis.

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